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Virtually all Canadians Eat Bakery Foods

‘Sweet Baked Good are engrained into the Canadian Diet’

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Nearly every Canadian eats bakery products with 99% having turned to the category at least once in the three months.


Consumers in Quebec eat bakery products more frequently versus other provinces or regions.

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Those with children at home eat bakery products more frequently versus other customer types.

Bakery Products Eaten in the Past 3 Months
From grocery/club stores and bakeries
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Source: Mintel – CanBase: 2,004 internet users aged 18+, March 2015
ada – Bakery Products – June 2015

You Can Do A Waffle Lot With WAFFLES

Waffles are thriving and spreading quickly into many different
dayparts with both sweet and savoury applications!

Waffles Anytime Anywhere

Waffle with sausage and egg


Chicken and Waffles


Assorted flatbread pizza's


Waffle with ice cream and chocolate drizzle


Why Choose Waffles


Highly Adaptable

This bread lends a subtly sweet flavour making it an ideal base to create sandwiches, sliders, tacos, flatbreads and desserts


Shape & Texture

The bread’s round or square shape, patterned pockets for holding ingredients and contrasting textures


Sweet or Savory

With traditions in both sweet applications, savoury applications this bread can be firmly sweet or savory—or serve as a bridge between both flavors

Waffle Leaders

Black waffle burger


Unconventional uses popping up in Canada and the U.S.


Sweet breakfast and dessert applications in Japan and China, and savory sandwich applications in Southeast Asia and India

Technomic: Global foodservice menu trends 2018

What’s Next for Waffles?

From Handheld sandwiches to serious dinner contenders

Dessert and drink innovations

Batter and topping innovations

Milkshake topped with waffle and ice cream
Chocolate covered waffle with sprinkles

Canadians Are Snacking More Frequently

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but snacking is just as important.

Meal importance chart
Snacks per day chart
When are they snacking image
Insights chart

45% strongly agree

that snacking between meals is part of a healthy diet

Source: Technomic Canada Country report: Base: 300 (Canada) & 7,000 (global) foodservice consumers
Q: Of all the food/beverages you consume in a typical week, how many meals do you have per day? How often do you consume a snack?
Q: Of the three main meals, which is most important to you? Please rank from most important to least important.


of Canadians say they are snacking more compared to last year

Source: Lightspeed GMI/Mintel, Snacks eaten by daypart (NET – Any), July 2016
Snacking Eating Habits- Motivations and Attitudes Canada. Base: 2,000 internet users aged 18+ (Excel File)

Sandwich Consumption is Down

Opportunity to Reverse the Declines is to Offer Unique Flavours
Ideas Targeted at Millennials and Portable Carrier Formats


Source: Technomic Canadian Sandwich Consumer Report 2018

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